ANC Acknowledges Russian Delegation Announcement for BRICS Summit

In response to the announcement by the Office of the Republic of South Africa, led by President Cyril Ramaphosa, regarding the Russian Federation’s delegation to the upcoming BRICS Summit, the African National Congress (ANC) issued a statement expressing their acknowledgment.

According to the official communication from Russia, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, will be leading the Russian delegation at the BRICS Summit, instead of President Vladimir Putin. The ANC took note of this decision and warmly welcomed Minister Lavrov as one of the leaders representing their BRICS partners. Minister Lavrov’s extensive experience in foreign affairs makes him a valuable asset to the summit discussions.

The Presidency’s announcement also brought clarity to months of international speculation about the arrangements for the BRICS Summit, which will be hosted in South Africa from 22 to 24 August. With the leadership roles now confirmed, the focus can shift to the vital work of the summit, where the participating nations will strategize and collaborate on various issues of mutual interest and importance.

The ANC reiterated its unwavering position on advocating for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The party is committed to supporting peace efforts, including initiatives like the African Heads of State Mission. The ANC firmly believes that a negotiated peace plan is crucial for global peace and stability. Such a plan must address the underlying causes of the conflict to ensure the sustainability of any peace agreement. Respecting the principles outlined in the United Nations Charter will be paramount in this process.

As the BRICS Summit approaches, the ANC looks forward to engaging with all participating nations to strengthen south-south cooperation and create a strategic vision for the BRICS partnership. The summit provides a platform for constructive dialogue and collective efforts to address global challenges and foster inclusive development in the region and beyond.

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