The Zambia Army has released a press statement in response to recent queries from media platforms and the public regarding the transparency and fairness of its recruitment exercise, which was completed recently.

One of the key issues raised pertains to candidates who were informed that they are on standby and could potentially be called upon for training if previously selected candidates fail to attend. The Zambia Army clarifies that being on standby does not imply automatic selection for training, even if the candidate has already undergone the interview process.

In the press statement issued by the Public Relations & Foreign Liaison Directorate at Army Headquarters, the Zambia Army emphasized that the recruitment process was conducted with utmost transparency and adhered to established procedures and standards without any compromises.

It should be noted that the Zambia Army is not obligated to provide detailed explanations of every standard and procedure of the recruitment exercise to either the candidates or the general public. Selection is based on merit and the candidates who fulfill the stipulated requirements.

The Zambia Army also urged the public to refrain from making baseless allegations or insinuations that could tarnish the reputation of the institution. The Army’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its recruitment process remains unwavering.

The press statement serves as a reassurance of the Zambia Army’s dedication to upholding transparency, fairness, and professionalism in its recruitment endeavors.

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