RTSA Achieves 1,030 Convictions in July 2023 at Lusaka Fast Truck Court

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has recorded a significant achievement with 1,030 convictions secured in the Lusaka Fast Track Court for traffic offences during the month of July this year.

The convictions cover a range of traffic violations, reflecting RTSA’s commitment to enhancing road safety and enforcing compliance among road users. The top offences leading to convictions include 296 cases of expired road tax, 109 cases of expired identity documents, 86 cases of expired Certificate of Fitness, 69 cases of expired Test Certificate, and 63 cases of dangerous driving.

Other offences resulting in convictions included alighting at undesignated points, obstruction of roadways by motor vehicles, operating for hire and reward, unlicensed driving, expired insurance on a motor vehicle, unlicensed Public Service Vehicle (PSV) driving, use of a mobile phone while driving, wrong class of driver, permitting unlicensed PSV drivers, and unsecured load violations.

The RTSA emphasizes that it’s also an offence for individuals to board or alight from a Public Service Vehicle at undesignated points. The agency will continue its efforts to ensure compliance among commuters, thereby fostering safer and more responsible road usage.

Traffic offenders are cautioned that their actions endanger the lives of fellow road users, and they could face severe consequences such as the revocation of their driver’s licenses. The RTSA reiterates its commitment to maintaining road safety and holding accountable those who compromise it.

In addition, the RTSA encourages the public to actively participate in enhancing road safety by reporting instances of bad, careless, and dangerous driving through the RTSA National Call Centre. Reports can be made via the Toll-Free Line – 983 or the WhatsApp line 0965 429499.

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