Mwenya Musenge, Interim President of People’s Prosperity Advocates for Sensible Dialogue

Mwenya Musenge, the Interim President of People’s Prosperity (APP), has put forward a call for a measured and thoughtful approach to discourse, directing his plea towards the administration of President Hakainde Hichilema. Musenge’s urging comes in the wake of concerning remarks from some government officials, which he believes should be navigated with prudence and sensitivity.

Musenge pinpointed the importance of reigning in the rhetoric of ministers within President Hichilema’s government, stating that the words they employ matter greatly. He highlighted instances where ministers responded inadequately or inappropriately, emphasizing that such lapses in communication were both unpalatable and concerning.

One statement of particular concern, according to Musenge, was voiced by Lands Minister Honorable Muchima. Musenge described the statements as distressing, contending that such remarks showed a lack of awareness of the prevailing public sentiment. With the high cost of living agitating the people, Musenge urged that insensitive comments be curbed.

Drawing attention to a recent remark by UPND Deputy Secretary General Imenda Getrude, Musenge criticized her assertion that street vendors’ votes were inconsequential and that the party could afford to lose their support in 2026. He labeled the comment as arrogant and cautioned against undermining the concerns of a significant portion of the population.

Musenge emphasized that the removal of street vendors from the streets did not equate to an achievement or progress. He argued that the removal only dismissed the struggles and hardships faced by these individuals, who resorted to street vending to support their families and livelihoods. He invoked the UPND’s previous commitment to eradicating poverty while in opposition, asserting that the current situation appeared to have worsened.

As the Interim President of People’s Prosperity, Musenge has stepped forward to advocate for a more balanced and sensitive approach in both dialogue and governance, urging that the government attend to the pressing concerns of the people.

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