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Zambia Urged to Craft Policies to Stimulate Thriving Tech Sector 

Economic expert Mr. Kelvin Chisanga emphasizes the urgent need for Zambia to revisit its ICT (Information and Communication Technology) policies to unlock the potential of the nation’s strong digital base. 

Mr. Chisanga proposes a focus on creating a sound and resilient policy framework specifically designed to foster a robust digital economy. This policy should aim to:

Strengthen the National Digital Infrastructure: Investments and initiatives to build a reliable and secure digital infrastructure are crucial.

Incentivize ICT Growth: Attractive incentives for the ICT industry are essential. This could include:

  • Reduced import duties on essential security hardware, particularly for banking, finance, and other critical sectors.
  • Tax breaks or exemptions for digital and software developers to encourage innovation and growth.
  • Tax rebates for ICT players selling to companies, further stimulating industry expansion. 

Mr. Chisanga highlights the ICT sector’s resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global shift to remote work, cybersecurity solutions, and digital collaboration platforms underscores the tech sector’s significance. He emphasizes the need for:

Tax Relief for IT Developers and Importers: Strategic tax breaks on specific imports can bolster the nation’s ICT portfolio and the development of digital assets. 

The economic expert acknowledges the transformative power of ICT. It has streamlined business operations, facilitated communication during economic crises, and driven sustainable development goals across various nations.

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