Airtel Zambia Launches 5G Network, Revolutionizing Connectivity and Digital Innovation

Airtel Networks Zambia Plc has officially unveiled its much-awaited Airtel 5G network, marking a major leap in the country’s telecommunications landscape. The launch event, held at the Intercontinental Hotel last evening, saw industry leaders and government officials come together to witness the debut of this cutting-edge technology.

The groundwork for the 5G network was laid in 2022 when Airtel Zambia acquired spectrum from the Zambia Information Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) for a significant sum of US$51 million. This strategic move allowed Airtel to initiate the upgrade towards this next-generation network.

At the launch, Airtel Africa’s Regional Director, Mr. Apoorva Mehrotra, highlighted the transformative potential of the 5G network. He stated that the state-of-the-art infrastructure could achieve data speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G, boasting incredibly low latency and enabling seamless connections for billions of devices. This technological advancement is expected to revolutionize various sectors, including smart cities, education, healthcare, transport systems, entertainment, and more, shaping the future of Zambia’s digital landscape.

The Guest of Honor, Minister of Technology and Science, Hon. Felix Mutati, expressed his delight in witnessing the rollout of 5G technology. He emphasized the importance of this development for the country and its economy. Hon. Mutati praised Airtel for continuously investing in innovative technologies and contributing to Zambia’s vision of becoming an efficient digital economy.

During the launch, the Minister showcased the hologram technology, a three-dimensional projection that can be seen without using any special equipment. This demonstration highlighted the incredible possibilities that 5G technology brings to the country.

The Airtel 5G network is part of the company’s comprehensive infrastructure growth plan, aligning with Zambia’s 8th National Development Plan focused on digital innovation and inclusivity. Airtel Zambia’s Managing Director, Mr. Manu Sood, expressed the company’s commitment to progress, innovation, and empowering the Zambian people. He believes that the benefits of 5G will transform businesses and industries, unlocking Zambia’s vast potential as a digital powerhouse.

With the launch of the 5G network, Airtel customers can now enjoy ultra-fast real-time connectivity for activities like multiplayer online gaming, live streaming, content uploads and downloads, and ultra-reliable wireless home internet. Moreover, businesses heavily relying on data for web-based applications and virtual meetings are set to experience greater connectivity and enhanced efficiency.

ZICTA Director General, Mr. Choolwe Nalubamba, lauded Airtel’s commitment to technological evolution and urged the company to continue innovating. He stressed that the ICT sector’s digital revolution plays a crucial role in driving Zambia’s economic development.

Overall, Airtel Zambia’s 5G network launch signifies a giant leap towards technological advancement and positions the company at the forefront of the digital revolution in the country. As Zambia embraces the opportunities of 5G, the future of connectivity and innovation looks promising, paving the way for a more connected and digitally empowered society.

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