Zambia Chamber of Commerce & Industry Engages in High-Level Meeting with African Development Bank President

The Zambia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ZACCI) had the privilege of participating in a momentous meeting with Dr. Adesina Akinwumi, the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), and his delegation at the esteemed Intercontinental Hotel. This high-level gathering brought together prominent figures from the private sector, including Dr. Kawesha, the President of ZACCI, along with Research Officers Emmanuel and Mulenga.

During the meeting, Dr. Kawesha expressed his delight in being a part of such a crucial event and emphasized the various ways in which the private sector can collaborate with the African Development Bank in key sectors such as Infrastructure, Energy, Agriculture, and Manufacturing. Notably, he stressed the need for affordable access to finance to bolster businesses in the country.

The meeting successfully convened influential leaders from various business associations and financial sectors, providing comprehensive representation of captains of the industries. This collective effort aimed to foster a strong partnership between the private sector and the African Development Bank.

Dr. Adesina, the African Development Bank President, underscored the importance of supporting Zambia in critical areas, including Agriculture irrigation, public financial management assistance, establishing special Agro processing zones, setting up a debt management office, organizing investment forums, and implementing an African legal support facility. These measures are designed to assist Zambia in renegotiating debt obligations and foster sustainable economic growth.

The Zambia Chamber of Commerce & Industry expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage in this significant meeting with Dr. Adesina and his delegation. The Chamber looks forward to further collaboration and cooperation between the private sector and the African Development Bank in driving economic development and prosperity in Zambia.

This meeting marks a promising step towards bolstering the nation’s economy and achieving shared goals in sustainable development and growth. The private sector remains committed to actively contributing to Zambia’s progress and working hand in hand with the African Development Bank to create a brighter future for the country and its citizens.

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