Zambia Prioritizes Education and Women’s Empowerment, says Government Officials

Zambia’s Ministry of Finance and National Planning Acting Permanent Secretary, Ms. Lois Mulube, announced that the Zambian Government is actively pursuing policies and programs to broaden access to education. The statement was made during a side event co-sponsored by Zambia on the margins of the High-Level Political Forum at the United Nations Headquarters.

Ms. Mulube emphasized that education is a fundamental right for all children, enabling them to secure their rights to development and protection. She further highlighted that education serves as an equalizer and provides a platform for children to actualize their potential.

Recognizing the importance of breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty, Ms. Mulube stated that the Zambian Government is focused on empowering women and girls. By fostering economic empowerment among women, the government aims to create an inclusive environment that values and recognizes their contributions.

During the same event, Ms. Mwila Daka, Ministry of Finance and National Planning Acting Director of the Development Planning Department, shared some transformative actions implemented by the Zambian Government to ensure that no one is left behind. One of these initiatives is the Girls Education and Women’s Empowerment and Livelihoods (GEWEL) Project, funded by the World Bank. The project aims to increase access to livelihood support for extremely poor rural women and improve access to secondary education for disadvantaged girls from impoverished households in selected districts.

The Zambian government’s commitment to education and women’s empowerment reflects its determination to create an inclusive and equitable society. Through these initiatives, Zambia seeks to provide opportunities for marginalized groups, break the cycle of poverty, and foster sustainable development.

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