MEC Chief Elections Officer Delivers Speech on Review of Election Procedures

Mr. Andrew Mpesi, Chief Elections Officer of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), delivered a speech marking the opening of a working session on the review of election procedures, forms, and manuals. The event, held in Mponela, brought together MEC officials, directors, managers, and staff members, as well as distinguished members of the press.

In his address, Mr. Mpesi welcomed all attendees and emphasized the importance of the working session in light of the upcoming general elections scheduled for September 16, 2025. He highlighted that every day counts in election preparations, and with only two years and two months remaining, the review of electoral procedures, forms, and manuals is a timely endeavor.

The working session also provides an opportunity to prepare for any by-elections that may arise before September 16, 2024. Mr. Mpesi acknowledged the presence of participants from MEC’s Head Office, Regional Offices, and districts, emphasizing the collective responsibility of all stakeholders in ensuring the success of the Commission.

While the primary objective of the session is to develop relevant and appropriate electoral procedures, forms, and manuals, Mr. Mpesi noted that it also serves as a capacity-building initiative. The discussions and knowledge-sharing among participants would clarify any ambiguities and contribute to a better understanding of the electoral processes.

Mr. Mpesi further outlined the developments that necessitated the review of electoral procedures, forms, and manuals. These include the Supreme Court of Appeal’s judgment on the 2019 Presidential elections, which highlighted the need for legal backing and credibility in the election process. Additionally, the government embarked on legal reforms for electoral laws, resulting in the enactment of three significant Acts: the Constitution Amendment Act No. 4 of 2023, the Electoral Commission Act No. 11 of 2023, and the Presidential, Parliamentary, and Local Government Elections Act (PPLGEA) No. 10 of 2023.

He emphasized the importance of aligning the election procedures and forms with the applicable legal framework to avoid legal challenges and ensure transparency and credibility. Mr. Mpesi recalled the establishment of Constituency Tally Centres during the 2019 elections, highlighting the lesson learned that adherence to statutory provisions is crucial for the success of electoral processes.

The Chief Elections Officer expressed MEC’s commitment to conducting free, fair, and transparent elections in a professional manner. He urged participants to dedicate time to discuss and refer to the applicable electoral laws during the review process.

Mr. Mpesi concluded his speech by officially declaring the working session on the review of election procedures, manuals, and forms open. He extended his gratitude to all participants and expressed his hope that the session would contribute significantly to the preparations for the upcoming general elections in 2025.

The working session is expected to foster collaboration and provide valuable insights for enhancing the electoral process in Malawi.

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