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Zambia Royal Medical University Faces Delays in Issuing Certificates

The Zambia Royal Medical University has announced delays in awarding certificates to its students due to challenges in procuring high-quality certificates with advanced security features.

This follows the university’s decision to cancel its contract with the University of Zambia (UNZA) and instead source certificates from an Indian firm.

Lemmy Phiri, the CEO of Zambia Royal Medical University, spoke exclusively to the Zambian Business Times (ZBT) about the situation.

He emphasised the university’s commitment to ensuring the authenticity and value of the certificates by importing them from India.

These certificates include a hologram that cannot be reproduced locally, addressing concerns over potential forgery.

Phiri explained that previous attempts to produce certificates domestically fell short of the university’s quality standards, prompting the decision to engage an overseas provider.

He acknowledged the impact of the delay on students, particularly two Master’s programme students and approximately 60 Diploma programme students, and assured that efforts are being made to expedite the process. The university aims to distribute the certificates by 11th June 2024.

“The certificate comes with a hologram which cannot be printed in Zambia, and we had to import them from India to avoid fake certificates. The import is done with a view to having good quality certificates,” said Phiri.

He further explained that the initial contract with UNZA was cancelled due to dissatisfaction with the product, leading to the decision to contract an Indian firm. The process of importing these certificates takes about three months.

Phiri reassured students that the university is committed to providing certificates of high value and that distribution will commence as soon as the certificates arrive. “We want something of value for our students, and as soon as the certificates are in, we will distribute them,” he stated.

Despite the setbacks, Phiri expressed confidence in meeting the revised timeline and reiterated the university’s dedication to the students’ academic achievements.

The institution is currently producing its first cohort of Master’s programme graduates, in addition to the Diploma students.

Source: Zambian Business Times

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