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Water Scarcity Crisis Hits Sinazeze Village, Central Province

Sinazeze Village in Sinazongwe District, Central Province, is grappling with a severe water scarcity crisis, exacerbated by the impacts of climate change.

The Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) Sinazongwe District Coordinator, Jeff Kayamba, has raised alarms over the community’s heavy reliance on depleted wells in the Binkiti Stream for their water needs.

The situation is particularly dire for women and girls, who bear the brunt of water collection duties, often having to share shallow wells with livestock.

Mr Kayamba highlighted that the prolonged disrepair of the village’s sole borehole has further limited access to clean water, intensifying the crisis.

A significant concern is the community’s lack of awareness regarding their right to clean water, which hampers efforts to seek and implement sustainable solutions.

This deficiency not only affects daily living conditions but also has broader implications for the community’s education and health.

The inadequate water and sanitation infrastructure in Sinazeze Village is impeding the education of children, especially girls.

The health risks and vulnerability faced by these children while collecting water are substantial, posing a significant threat to their overall well-being.

Mr Kayamba noted that the situation forces many children to undertake long and arduous journeys to find water sources, often far from their homes.

The CEJ is calling for urgent interventions to repair the village’s borehole and improve water infrastructure, ensuring the community has access to safe and reliable water sources. Addressing this crisis is crucial for the health, education, and overall welfare of Sinazeze Village residents.

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