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Increased Wildlife Anticipated in Kafue National Park

Chief Chikazamunyama of Itezhi Tezhi district in Southern Province has expressed confidence in the potential for a significant increase in the wildlife population within Kafue National Park. This optimism follows various interventions from both the government and cooperating partners aimed at bolstering conservation efforts.

Chief Chikazamunyama highlighted that Kafue National Park possesses immense potential for a thriving wildlife population, which has been hindered by poaching and encroachment in the Game Management Areas.

He believes that overcoming these challenges will spur economic activities, positioning the park as a leading income generator in Zambia’s tourism sector.

Despite ongoing efforts to boost the wildlife population, Chief Chikazamunyama acknowledged that poaching and encroachment remain significant obstacles.

However, he praised the collaborative efforts of stakeholders, including African Parks and the Zambian government, which are starting to yield positive results.

He is confident that within the next five years, Kafue National Park will see a substantial increase in its wildlife population, especially with the ongoing restocking initiatives.

Supporting this view, Chief Musungwa, also of Itezhi Tezhi, noted that the restocking of wildlife and other investments in Kafue National Park are expected to boost employment levels in the district, particularly among the youth.

He expressed satisfaction with the numerous developmental projects occurring within the park and its surrounding communities.

Rhys Williams, Field Operations Manager of Greater Kafue Landscape Limited, echoed these sentiments, stating his encouragement by the current wildlife population in Kafue National Park South. He anticipates further restocking efforts to enhance this population soon.

These remarks were made following a conducted tour of Kafue National Park South by local chiefs, including Chief Musungwa, Chief Shezongo, Chief Kaingu, Chief Chilyabufu, and Chief Chikazamunyama, all from the Itezhi Tezhi district.

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