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Zambia Seeks International Engineering Accreditation to Boost Global Presence

The Engineers Institute of Zambia (EIZ) has formally applied for membership in the International Engineering Alliance (IEA), aiming to facilitate unrestricted global practice for its engineers without the need for additional exams.

During a visit to New Delhi where they met with Zambia’s High Commissioner to India, H.E. Mr. Percy Chanda, EIZ President Eng. Wesley Kaluba announced the institute’s ambitious bid to secure accreditation under the esteemed Washington Accord. 

Success in this endeavour would grant Zambian engineers licensed by EIZ automatic recognition in 36 jurisdictions spanning 27 countries overseen by the IEA, streamlining their ability to work abroad.

“This represents a pivotal moment for Zambia’s engineering community, eliminating the barriers that currently require our members to undergo additional examinations to practice internationally,” highlighted Eng. Kaluba. “Our vision is to establish a world-class professional body that not only fosters economic development through technology and innovation but also enhances global recognition for our members.”

Eng. Kaluba acknowledged the rigorous path ahead, acknowledging that securing IEA admission involves comprehensive audits of Zambian educational institutions offering engineering courses. Collaboration with Zambia’s Ministry of Education is underway to ensure alignment with international standards.

Once admitted to the IEA via the Washington Accord, EIZ intends to pursue additional accords such as the Sydney Accord for technologists and the Dublin Accord for technicians and artisans, further expanding opportunities for its members on the global stage.

In response, Zambia’s High Commissioner to India, H.E. Mr. Percy Chanda, underscored the pivotal role of engineers in driving economic growth, urging Zambian engineers to leverage their expertise for national development. 

Mr. Chanda expressed confidence in Zambia’s engineering prowess, recalling a time when local engineers spearheaded the manufacturing sector shortly after independence.

“Zambian engineers have a crucial role in reclaiming our manufacturing prowess,” remarked Mr. Chanda. “With our skilled personnel, we can reduce dependency on imports and revitalize domestic production.”

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