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Young Environmental Champion, Mikela Zulu, Propels Biogas Adoption to Tackle Load-Shedding in Zambia 

Lungile Mikela Zulu, a fervent advocate for environmental sustainability and Founder of Farm Scouts in Chongwe, is spearheading a campaign to promote biogas adoption as a renewable energy solution to alleviate the impact of load-shedding exacerbated by climate change in Zambia.

Speaking at a Children’s Climate Summit in Lusaka, which coincided with the centennial celebration of the legislature, Zulu underscored the critical need for innovative energy alternatives amid escalating challenges faced by communities, particularly in Chongwe.

“Water scarcity has significantly affected agriculture. In response, I initiated a domestic biogas plant, harnessing waste to generate electricity,” Zulu explained, citing the project’s tangible benefits. 

She emphasized that the biogas system, utilizing livestock manure, not only provides a sustainable energy source but also yields valuable fertilizer for crops, offering a holistic solution to pressing energy and agricultural needs.

Highlighting the environmental repercussions of reliance on deforestation and hydroelectricity, Zulu advocated for widespread adoption of biogas technology in schools and households as a viable remedy to the ongoing load-shedding crisis.

Joining the discourse, Justina Kasongo, another young environmental advocate from Lusaka, expressed concerns over the adverse effects of load-shedding on education, stressing the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions to safeguard educational continuity.

Nsama Kearns, Executive Director of Care for Nature, emphasized the pivotal role of children’s voices in driving meaningful action on climate change and related challenges.

Maggie Mwape, Executive Director of the Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ), pledged unwavering support for the newly established Zambia Children’s Climate Council, signaling a collaborative effort to empower youth-led initiatives in addressing environmental concerns.

Zulu’s impassioned advocacy for biogas adoption reflects a growing momentum towards sustainable energy solutions in Zambia, with youth at the forefront of driving transformative change in the face of climate-induced adversities.

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