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Itezhi-tezhi MP Applauds UNESCO, FDI for Combatting Early and Unintended Pregnancies

Member of Parliament Twaambo Mutinta has voiced his apprehensions, emphasizing the pressing need for action in the realm of human development, particularly adolescent health, HIV/AIDS, and early pregnancies, to tackle the escalating concerns surrounding unsafe abortions and adolescent dropouts plaguing Itezhi-tezhi District in Southern Province.

Mutinta lauded the efforts of both the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Family Development Initiatives (FDI) for their unwavering advocacy in preventing Early and Unintended Pregnancies (EUP). 

He stressed the urgency of confronting these challenges head-on, citing the significant cultural barriers and a lack of awareness surrounding EUP within the district.

The patriarchal societal framework prevalent in Itezhi-tezhi has posed formidable hurdles to the holistic development of young individuals, particularly in matters pertaining to health and sexuality, Mutinta noted. 

However, he expressed optimism in the collaborative efforts spearheaded by UNESCO and FDI, which empower youth to educate their peers about the detrimental effects of EUP and HIV/AIDS.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of traditional leaders and the Ministry of Health in endorsing these youth-driven initiatives, Mutinta underscored the importance of ongoing sensitization efforts aimed at dismantling entrenched cultural norms. 

He called upon all stakeholders to unite in combating this critical issue, emphasizing that breaking the silence is paramount to fostering a safer environment for young people and promoting enhanced health outcomes across the district.

As activities persist within the community, driven by the collective determination to effect positive change, Mutinta’s rallying cry echoes across Itezhi-tezhi, resonating hope for a future where the wellbeing of its youth takes precedence.

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