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Dr. Brilliant Habeenzu, champions Value Addition for Job Creation 

Dr. Brilliant Habeenzu, the Permanent Secretary for Technology and Science ministry, advocates for a concerted effort towards value addition. 

Addressing attendees at the Forum on Technology Empowering Development of the Mining Industry, held at the state-of-the-art Luanshya Copper Mine New Training Center, Dr. Habeenzu emphasized the pivotal role of value addition in fostering job growth across diverse sectors of the economy.

Dr. Habeenzu underscored the transformative potential of value addition, asserting its capacity to generate employment opportunities at multiple strata of the economic landscape. 

He stressed the imperative for heightened investment in innovation and research to effectively harness the benefits of value addition.

Moreover, the distinguished Permanent Secretary highlighted the pressing need for a comprehensive overhaul of the current educational curriculum to align with the evolving demands and expectations of end users. 

Dr. Habeenzu advocated for the inclusion of environmentally sustainable practices, emphasising the incorporation of green and clean aspects within the curriculum.

In his address, Dr. Habeenzu articulated the necessity for educational institutions to produce graduates equipped with pertinent skills tailored to meet the demands of the industrial sector. 

This strategic focus on skill development, he contends, is paramount in nurturing a workforce capable of driving innovation and sustainable growth.

Dr. Habeenzu’s impassioned plea for value addition as a catalyst for job creation resonates with stakeholders across academia, industry, and government, signalling a collective commitment towards fostering inclusive economic development and prosperity.

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