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IBA Issues Guidance on Reporting Sensitive Matters of Public Interest

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has issued new guidance for broadcasting stations on how to cover sensitive matters of public interest, specifically referencing recent events involving Honourable Jay Emmanuel Banda, Member of Parliament for Petauke Central.

In a statement issued by Guntila Muleya, Director General of the IBA, the Authority emphasized the importance of ethical journalism and adherence to professional standards.

Broadcasting stations are urged to verify information, present a balanced view of issues, maintain objectivity, and avoid making speculative statements.

Muleya highlighted the necessity of careful consideration when using soundbites from sensational sources on the internet and social media platforms.

These sources can often promote tribalism, hate speech, and illegal actions, which pose potential threats to public safety and order.

“This guidance is issued in the interest of maintaining public safety, peace, welfare, and good order,” Muleya stated.

The IBA is mandated to provide advisory opinions on broadcasting standards and ethical conduct, as stipulated in Section 5 of the IBA Act of 2002.

This guidance aims to ensure that all broadcasters adhere to these standards, particularly when reporting on contentious and sensitive issues.

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