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Govt Doubles Grants to Schools to Support Operations

Acting Education Minister, Honorable Felix Mutati, has announced a significant increase in government grants to schools, doubling the amount allocated in a bid to bolster operational capabilities.

The decision aims to fortify resources essential for the seamless implementation of the Free Education Policy across all educational institutions.

Addressing attendees at the UNESCO International Symposium held at Ciela Resort in Chongwe, Hon. Mutati emphasized the government’s commitment to equitable distribution by ensuring that all schools receive their grants simultaneously and with identical amounts.

“We send the grants to all schools at the same time and with the same amount. We increased the grant because we want to have an efficient education system,” stated Hon. Mutati, underscoring the importance of resource adequacy in fostering a conducive learning environment.

Furthermore, Hon. Mutati highlighted the government’s dedication to prioritizing educators’ welfare, affirming that timely disbursement of salaries enables teachers to have disposable income for their personal needs.

In a move geared towards enhancing the quality of education, Hon. Mutati unveiled plans to reduce the teacher-pupil ratio from 1 teacher per 15 pupils to 1 teacher per 7 pupils.

This initiative aims to facilitate more personalized attention from teachers, fostering greater interaction and concentration within classrooms, thereby optimizing the learning experience.

“We want teachers to attend to fewer pupils so that there is feedback and concentration in class,” remarked Hon. Mutati, emphasizing the pivotal role of teacher-student engagement in academic progress.

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