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Zambia Receives £7 Million Boost for Drought Relief as Britain Pledges Support

Zambia’s fight against drought received a significant boost as the British government announced a £7 million aid package. The funds will be directed towards the country’s Social Cash Transfer program, a vital initiative aimed at assisting families struggling in the face of the national disaster.

Sheikh Yusuf Ayami, Team Leader for Family Development Initiatives (FDI), expressed his gratitude for Britain’s swift response. He highlighted the importance of the aid in expanding the program’s reach, potentially reaching up to 6 million Zambians in need.

Zambia’s social safety net is under immense strain due to the severe drought gripping the country. President Hakainde Hichilema declared the situation a national disaster and appealed for international assistance.

“The Social Cash Transfer program is a lifeline for countless families,” stated Sheikh Ayami. “It empowers the most vulnerable segments of society, especially children, the elderly, and the disabled, to secure essential services like food and healthcare.”

Britain’s commitment extends beyond direct financial aid. They are also providing support through the United Nations Emergency Relief Fund. This multifaceted approach underscores the significance of international cooperation during such crises.

The Social Cash Transfer program provides regular cash payments, allowing families to make their own choices regarding their most pressing needs. This fosters dignity and self-sufficiency while strengthening resilience amongst drought-affected communities.

FDI sees Britain’s pledge as a beacon of hope during this challenging time. It exemplifies the importance of global partnerships in ensuring sustainable development and human well-being.

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