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EAZ to Host National Economic Summit Focused on Climate Change and Debt Management

The Economic Association of Zambia (EAZ) has announced its highly anticipated National Economic Summit scheduled for July 25-26, 2024, in Lusaka.

The summit’s theme, “Navigating Zambia’s Economic Transformation: Integrating Climate Change and Debt Refinancing Headwinds,” aims to address critical economic challenges while incorporating environmental and financial sustainability.

“Our summit agenda is designed to cover a wide range of topics relevant to Zambia’s economic development,” said EAZ Acting Executive Director Tendai Posiana. “We will have high-level discussions on sustainable investment strategies and interactive workshops on innovative climate adaptation measures. Our goal is to foster a multi-stakeholder dialogue that generates actionable solutions.”

Posiana emphasized the urgency of tackling pressing economic issues while simultaneously addressing climate change and managing Zambia’s debt burden.

The summit will provide a platform for robust discussions, knowledge sharing, and partnership building to drive sustainable economic growth while safeguarding the environment and fiscal stability.

“We are ready to delve into key issues that will shape Zambia’s economic future,” Posiana concluded. “The agenda includes sessions on climate-resilient economic strategies, debt restructuring mechanisms, and opportunities for sustainable development.”

Source: SolweziToday

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