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Zambia-EU Relations Strengthened at Europe Day Commemoration

Zambia and the European Union (EU) marked Europe Day with a celebration of their enduring partnership, reflecting on the achievements of unity and peace since the signing of the Schuman Declaration in 1950. Information and Media Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana shared insights from the event, held in Lusaka’s Kabulonga area.

Minister of Technology and Science Felix Mutati, serving as guest of honour, highlighted the pivotal role of Zambia-EU relations in driving sustainable economic and social development. 

He emphasized Zambia’s gradual integration into the global economy, aimed at alleviating poverty nationwide, as outlined in the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement.

Mutati commended EU Member States for their significant contributions to global peace, unity, and development. He underscored Zambia’s deep-rooted commitment to its relations with the EU, spanning bilateral and multilateral levels.

The EU stands as one of Zambia’s key development partners, with a history of collaboration across various sectors including energy, health, agriculture, education, and governance.

Mutati expressed gratitude for the EU’s technical and financial support through the European Development Fund (EDF), noting the allocation of €359 million for budget support in Zambia, particularly in the health and education sectors, under the Multiannual Indicative Programme (MIP) for 2021-2027.

Acknowledging the pressing issue of climate change, Mutati affirmed Zambia’s dedication to working closely with the EU and the international community to combat its effects. 

He thanked the EU for its assistance in formulating the National Green Growth Strategy 2024-2030, aimed at transitioning Zambia towards a green economy.

Highlighting recent diplomatic efforts, Mutati referenced the successful hosting of the 2024 Zambia-EU Partnership Dialogue, emphasizing its role in strengthening relations and addressing global, continental, and regional issues of mutual interest. 

The dialogue reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to supporting Zambia’s development priorities outlined in the country’s Eighth National Development Plan, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, energy, and governance.

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