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Zambian Cotton Farmers Seek K10 Per Kilo as Marketing Season Opens

The Cotton Association of Zambia (CAZ) is urging cotton ginners to offer at least K10 per kilogram for cotton during the newly opened 2024 marketing season.

CAZ Executive Director, John Ngwenyama, highlighted that ginners only offered K6 per kilogram last year, despite CAZ requesting government intervention to set prices between K8 and K10.

“Our expectation is that farmers should receive no less than K10 per kilogram,” said Ngwenyama. He emphasized that this pricing is crucial to incentivize cotton production and revitalize the cotton sector.

According to CAZ consultants, current international market prices allow ginners to offer a K10 per kilogram price to Zambian farmers.

The CAZ Executive Director is requesting government support to ensure fair compensation for farmers, considering the labor-intensive nature of cotton production.

“There is need for fair pricing to sustain the cotton industry and support the hardworking farmers of Zambia,” concluded Ngwenyama.

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