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Minister Masebo Applauds Catholic Church for Launching Palliative Care Initiative

The Honorable Minister of Health, Sylvia Masebo, officiated at the launch of the “Caring Hands” palliative care initiative by the Catholic Church at St. Ignatius Parish on May 7th, 2024. The initiative aims to provide integrated care for members of the community suffering from cancer.

Minister Masebo commended the Catholic Church for its commitment to healthcare, highlighting the importance of palliative care alongside preventive, curative, and rehabilitative services. 

She emphasized the government’s goal of integrating palliative care across all healthcare levels, particularly at the community level.

The initiative is inspired by the works of the late Dr. Alex Mushikita Nkandu, who championed a holistic approach to palliative care. 

This approach aligns with the government’s health agenda, as outlined in the National Health Strategic Plan (2022-2026), which focuses on providing quality healthcare through a decentralized model.

Minister Masebo underscored the importance of the “Caring Hands” initiative in achieving the government’s vision of decentralizing healthcare and achieving universal health coverage. 

She emphasized the need for a healthcare continuum that encompasses palliative care to ensure “leaving no one behind.”

The launch comes amidst Zambia’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its healthcare system. The Minister highlighted the government’s investment in community-based primary healthcare approaches to deliver quality healthcare services.

The Minister acknowledged the challenges in accessing essential medications for palliative care, despite their inclusion in the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List. 

She commended the Catholic Church’s initiative for its potential to reduce healthcare costs through home-based palliative care models.

Minister Masebo concluded by reiterating the government’s commitment to providing palliative care. She called for collaboration from all stakeholders to make the integration of palliative care across all healthcare levels a reality. 

She emphasized that palliative care goes beyond medication, requiring a holistic approach that addresses the physical, social, and psychological needs of cancer patients and their families.

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