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Freedom Way Set to Shine Brighter with Enhanced Street Lighting

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) is investing K700,000 to improve street lighting along Freedom Way in the Central Business District (CBD). 

This project, funded by the 2023 Constituency Development Fund (CDF), aims to enhance security and beautify the area.

Currently, the project is in the tender stage, ensuring a transparent selection of a competent contractor to complete the work efficiently.

“Once installed, the new lighting will not only beautify the CBD but also provide improved security for businesses and the general public,” said Nyambe Bulumba, Assistant Public Relations Manager for the LCC.

Improved lighting is known to deter crime, promoting a safer environment that fosters economic growth and social activities.

“This investment demonstrates our commitment to creating a more attractive and secure city for residents and visitors,” Bulumba remarked. “We believe this project will have a positive impact on the local economy and contribute to Lusaka’s overall development.”

The LCC remains dedicated to ensuring the project meets the highest standards, fulfills the needs of the community, and encourages a vibrant business environment.

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