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SADC Pushes Madagascar to Ratify Industry Protocol for Regional Growth

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) met with Madagascar’s government and private sector to discuss the implementation of the SADC Industrialisation Strategy and the ratification of the SADC Industry Protocol.

SADC officials met with Madagascar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Industry and Trade to highlight the benefits of the protocol, which aims to promote regional industrialization, attract investment, and develop strong regional businesses.

Madagascar signed the protocol in 2019, but ratification is needed for it to take effect. SADC emphasized that the protocol aligns with Madagascar’s existing industrial initiatives, such as the One District One Factory (ODOF) program.

Meetings were also held with Madagascar’s private sector associations, who expressed strong support for the protocol. They urged the government to expedite ratification and ensure its effective implementation to benefit businesses.

This push by SADC reflects the importance of regional cooperation in driving industrial growth across member states. By working together, SADC countries can create a more competitive and attractive industrial environment for businesses and investors.

Source: SADC Secretariat

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