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Zambia Re- commemorates World Press Freedom Day, Focuses on Environmental Journalism

Mr. Thabo Kawana, Permanent Secretary of Information and Media, took the helm in re-commemorating World Press Freedom Day at Jasmondine Mika Lodge, emphasizing the critical nexus between journalism and environmental conservation.

Under the theme “A press for the planet: journalism in the face of the environmental crisis,” the workshop convened stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to delve into the imperative role of media in safeguarding the planet.

Addressing attendees, Mr. Kawana emphasized the urgency of climate change reporting and the pivotal function of journalists in disseminating accurate information.

He articulated that amidst unprecedented environmental challenges, journalists serve as catalysts for action and beacons of hope for a sustainable future.

The workshop, serving as a collaborative platform, facilitated knowledge exchange among stakeholders from government, civil society, and climate change advocacy sectors.

Participants engaged in interactive sessions aimed at exploring best practices, emerging trends, and innovative storytelling techniques to amplify the voices of those impacted by environmental changes.

Highlighting the multifaceted nature of climate change, Mr. Kawana stressed the need for a holistic approach to reporting, encompassing scientific accuracy, ethical journalism, and a commitment to environmental justice.

He underscored the collective responsibility of governments, civil society organizations, and relevant stakeholders in advancing environmental journalism and fostering informed decision-making.

Expressing gratitude to Misa Zambia’s partners and donors for organizing the workshop, Mr. Kawana reiterated the government’s commitment to press freedom, environmental stewardship, and sustainable development.

He urged attendees to embrace their roles as agents of change and champions of press freedom in addressing the pressing environmental crisis.

The event concluded with a renewed sense of commitment among participants to leverage collective expertise, resources, and networks to catalyze positive change and shape a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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