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Malawi Learns from Zambia’s Social Protection Programs

A Malawian delegation visited Zambia to learn from their experiences with social protection programs, particularly the Girl’s Education and Women’s Empowerment and Livelihoods (GEWEL) project and the Food Security Pack.

The delegation, led by Principal Secretary Dr. Nertha Semphere Mgala, met with Zambia’s Ministry of Community Development and Social Services Permanent Secretary Ms. Angela Kawandami and Siavonga District Commissioner Mr. Geoffrey Jakopo.

Dr. Mgala expressed her desire to learn from Zambia’s approach to social protection and share best practices. The visit aims to identify areas of mutual benefit, address shared challenges, and develop innovative solutions to strengthen social safety nets in both countries.

“Malawi is committed to strengthening partnerships with neighboring countries to achieve inclusive and sustainable development,” Dr. Mgala said.

The delegation also interacted with beneficiaries of Zambia’s social cash transfer program, women’s livelihood support initiative, the “Keeping Girls in School” program, and the Food Security Pack. This firsthand experience allowed them to witness the positive impact these programs have on people’s lives.

This exchange program highlights the importance of regional collaboration in addressing social welfare issues. By sharing experiences and best practices, Zambia and Malawi can work towards more effective social protection programs for their citizens.

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