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GEI Power and YEO Forge Partnership to Develop Groundbreaking Solar PV Plant in Zambia

Zambian company GEI Power has joined forces with Turkish firm YEO to embark on a groundbreaking project in Zambia, aiming to establish the country’s first Solar PV Plant with Battery Energy Storage, valued at approximately US$65 million.

During a courtesy call to Dr. Francesca Chisangano Zyambo, Permanent Secretary of Administration for the Ministry of Energy Zambia, representatives from GEI Power and YEO unveiled their ambitious plan. 

The project, slated for commercial operation by September 2025, will boast an installed generation capacity of 60MWp coupled with a 20MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

Mr. Ignatius Anayawa, Managing Director of GEI Power, highlighted the project’s potential to alleviate Zambia’s current power deficit while electrifying thousands of households. 

He emphasized the project’s commitment to local economic development by creating job opportunities and engaging with surrounding communities through social corporate responsibility initiatives.

Mr. Yasin Duven, Vice President of Business Development at YEO, expressed the company’s dedication to driving sustainable energy projects worldwide. 

He underscored Zambia’s potential to become a hub for sustainable development and pledged YEO’s support in achieving this goal through collaboration with local stakeholders.

The partnership between GEI Power and YEO signifies a significant step towards clean and sustainable energy in Zambia. Dr. Zyambo lauded the project’s importance in mitigating power shortages and urged swift implementation and commissioning. 

She also expressed interest in leveraging Turkey’s engineering and battery storage expertise to establish an assembly plant in Zambia, further enhancing the country’s energy sector.

YEO, an international Energy Solutions and Technology Company, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the partnership. Through its subsidiaries and portfolio companies, such as ReapBattery and MikroHES, YEO is committed to driving the deployment of sustainable energy projects globally.

The collaboration between GEI Power and YEO represents a pivotal moment in Zambia’s journey towards energy sustainability and economic growth. 

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