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Differently Abled Youth Cooperative Seeks Government Support for Film Initiative

The YORELU Cooperative Society, comprised of differently abled youths in Lusaka’s Johnlaing compound, is making waves with their latest initiative aimed at raising awareness about the challenges faced by people living with disabilities in Zambia.

During a recent visit to the group by government officials, including Thabo Kawana, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Media, the cooperative’s Chairperson, Mr. Davis Makonde, passionately outlined their vision and goals. 

YORELU, not content with just one endeavor, is also engaged in activities such as poultry farming, showcasing their diverse capabilities and determination to contribute meaningfully to society.

Mr. Makonde emphasized the importance of shedding light on the often overlooked issues confronting the differently abled community, stressing that their initiative has already gained significant traction within the local community. 

However, they seek further support from the government to empower their organization and expand their impact.

In response, the government, under the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema, reaffirmed its commitment to inclusivity and meritocracy, pledging support based on demonstrated abilities and merit rather than physical ability. 

Permanent Secretary Kawana echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that disability should never be equated with inability.

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