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Kenya Postpones School Reopening Amidst Devastating Floods

In response to the relentless onslaught of heavy rains triggering widespread flooding across Kenya, the government has announced the postponement of school reopening by one week. 

The decision, made by the Education Ministry, comes as the death toll from the floods nears a grim milestone of 100 lives lost since mid-March.

Numerous schools throughout the country have been severely impacted by the flooding, with reports indicating that over 100 educational institutions have been inundated, leaving behind a trail of collapsed walls and roofs torn asunder. 

Originally slated to resume classes on Monday, all schools will now open their doors to students on May 6, as authorities grapple with the aftermath of the deluge.

The perilous situation was exacerbated by a tragic incident in northern Garissa county, where a boat capsized on Sunday night. The Kenyan Red Cross reported rescuing 23 individuals, but concerns remain for more than a dozen others still unaccounted for, underscoring the gravity of the crisis.

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, has borne the brunt of the devastation, with the highest number of reported deaths according to police records. The toll extends beyond human life, with infrastructure also taking a severe hit. 

Nairobi’s main airport was submerged under floodwaters over the weekend, prompting flight diversions and highlighting the urgency of the situation.

The ongoing refurbishment work at the airport, scheduled for completion in June, was cited as a contributing factor to the flooding. Henry Kegoye, the airport’s manager, attributed the inundation to the overwhelming of a temporary drainage system put in place by contractors, illustrating the challenges faced by authorities in mitigating the impact of the floods.

Beyond Kenya’s borders, neighboring countries in the East African region are grappling with similar crises. Tanzania has reported 155 fatalities, while over 200,000 people in Burundi have been affected by the deluge. 

The Meteorology Department has warned of further rainfall, prolonging the ordeal for communities already reeling from the devastation.

As more than 200,000 individuals across Kenya find themselves displaced by the floods, efforts are underway to provide relief and support.

Additional source: AfricaNews

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