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ZESCO Signs Major Solar Power Deal to Boost Renewable Energy Capacity

ZESCO has signed a major deal to boost its renewable energy capacity. The country entered into a 1,000-megawatt solar power purchase agreement (PPA) with Sky Power Global, a company based in the United Arab Emirates. 

This agreement is a critical part of Zambia’s plan to integrate renewable energy sources into its national grid and promote sustainable growth.

President Hakainde Hichilema highlighted the project’s strategic importance, especially considering the current drought affecting Zambia. The Green Giant Zambia Project, as it’s named, will significantly increase Zambia’s reliance on clean energy. 

This additional capacity will address both current and future energy demands, which is crucial for Zambia’s goal of increasing industrial productivity and reaching over three million metric tonnes of annual copper production.

The signing ceremony brought together representatives who expressed their enthusiasm for the project. Michael Prest, Sky Power Global’s Country Manager, called the Green Giant Zambia initiative a “monumental step towards a sustainable future.” 

Kelly Adler, founder of Sky Power Global Group of Companies, went a step further, emphasizing the project’s potential for job creation and development of long-lasting infrastructure that will benefit future generations.

ZESCO, Zambia’s electricity utility company, also participated in the ceremony. Their Managing Director, Victor Mapani, sees the agreement with Skypower Global as a testament to their commitment to transforming Zambia into a hub for renewable energy in Africa.

The Green Giant Zambia Project is expected to have a widespread impact. According to a statement, the project will not only provide electricity to an estimated four million homes across Zambia but will also stimulate considerable job creation and infrastructure development.  

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