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LCC Investigates Alleged Use of Unknown Chemicals in Meat Preservation

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) is taking action in response to recent media reports. Local butcheries have been accused of using unknown chemicals to preserve meat during extended power outages, raising concerns about public health and safety.

According to an official statement issued by Chola Mwamba, Public Relations Manager, Lusaka City Council, the council is treating these allegations seriously and has launched an immediate investigation to determine if they hold truth.

Ms. Mwamba says that the council’s top priority is to ensure that residents can continue to enjoy safe, high-quality meat. 

The Council already conducts regular inspections of butcheries, but they will be increasing the frequency of meat sampling for chemical analysis in light of these new reports.

The LCC is urging all butchery owners and operators to follow established regulations and prioritize the safety of their customers. Using unauthorized chemicals to preserve meat is not only illegal but also poses a significant health risk to the public.

Consumers are advised to be cautious when buying meat and to report any irregularities or concerns about meat quality to the LCC immediately. 

Ms. Mwamba notes that the Council is committed to working with other authorities to address this issue swiftly and effectively. Their goal is to prevent any actions that could compromise the health and well-being of Lusaka residents.

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