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DEC Cracks Down on Illegal Activities Across Zambia

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Zambia has made substantial strides in combating illegal drug activities and counterfeit currency circulation across various regions of the country. 

The recent crackdown has resulted in multiple arrests and significant seizures, underscoring the commission’s commitment to tackling drug-related crimes.

According to an official statement issued by Sydney Katongo, Assistant Public Relations Officer of the Drug Enforcement Commission, several individuals have been apprehended for their involvement in illegal activities. 

In Lusaka Province, three suspects were arrested for possession of counterfeit US dollars amounting to $178,400. The suspects were intercepted in separate locations within Lusaka and were found in possession of counterfeit notes.

Moreover, in Luapula Province, the DEC successfully dismantled a notorious drug syndicate responsible for distributing illicit drugs throughout Mansa District. The operation led to the seizure of over 40 kilograms of cannabis and the arrest of multiple individuals involved in the syndicate.

Among those arrested include individuals engaged in unlawful cultivation and trafficking of cannabis, as well as a Tanzanian national apprehended for trafficking a significant quantity of cannabis. 

Additionally, in other provinces, the DEC arrested individuals for various drug-related offenses, including trafficking, possession, and cultivation of cannabis.

All suspects have been arrested, charged, and await court appearances as the DEC continues its efforts to combat the supply and trade of illicit drugs. 

The commission’s relentless pursuit of justice aims to curtail drug-related crimes and mitigate the associated social disorders and mental health complications arising from substance abuse.

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