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Zambia Seeks Indian Investment to Bolster Agriculture

Zambia’s Agriculture Minister, Reuben Mtolo, is seeking investment from the Indian business community to address potential food shortages caused by poor rainfall. 

During a dinner with the India-Zambia Business Council, Mtolo highlighted the need for increased investment in agriculture to overcome these impending challenges.

He expressed his appreciation for India’s support in restructuring Zambia’s debt and for their significant investments in various sectors. This collaboration has strengthened bilateral relations and led to substantial infrastructure development in Zambia.

India’s High Commissioner to Zambia, Ashok Kumar, reiterated India’s commitment to supporting Zambia’s economy. 

He announced a forthcoming India Zambia Chief’s Business Indaba Conference co-hosted by the Indian government and the India Zambia Business Council (IZBC) in July. This conference aims to decentralize investments and attract over 250 chiefs from across Zambia to promote economic growth and development.

The IZBC President, Ayyub Nagarseth, announced a partnership with the Natural Resource Development College to establish a model farm. This farm will serve to improve agricultural practices in Zambia and contribute to the sector’s overall development.

Ashu Sagar, President of the Zambia Association of Manufacturers, emphasized the importance of diversifying investment strategies and extending opportunities to rural areas. This is seen as critical to accelerating development and economic growth throughout the country.

With Minister Mtolo’s call to action, India’s support, and collaboration between institutions like the IZBC and the Zambia Association of Manufacturers, Zambia’s agriculture sector has the potential for significant growth. 

These envisioned investments could not only address current challenges but also pave the way for a more resilient and prosperous agricultural future for Zambia.

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