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New Bridges Spanning Kashiji River Improve Connectivity in Zambia 

Northwestern Province saw a boost in infrastructure with the completion of six Acrow bridges across the Kashiji River. 

This collaborative project by the Road Development Agency (RDA) and the Zambia Army enhances connectivity in Zambezi District. 

Infrastructure Minister Hon. Eng. Charles L. Milupi called the project historic, noting it’s the first of its kind in the area. 

He emphasized these bridges are the initial step, with road improvements planned to follow. 

RDA Board Chairperson Eng. Muchand Kuntawala celebrated the project’s completion as part of a larger plan to construct 33 Acrow bridges across the province. 

Construction began in Q2 2023 with the Zambia Army leading the effort. The RDA plans to build 15 more Acrow bridges across Zambia in 2024. 

North-Western Province Minister Hon. Robert Lihefu urged construction of a bridge across the Zambezi River, while Zambezi West MP Hon. Vumango Musumali praised the new bridges’ potential to unlock social and economic growth. 

Brigade Commander Engineering Unit Brig. Gen. Buumba Zyeele pledged the Zambia Army’s continued support for national development through infrastructure projects.  

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