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DEC Releases Plane Involved in Gold Scandal, Announces Asset Forfeitures 

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) announced the release of a Bombardier Global Express aircraft (BD-T7-700-1A10) previously implicated in a gold smuggling scandal. 

DEC Director General Nason Banda emphasized that the release follows a thorough legal process as mandated by the courts.  

Mr. Banda clarified that the DEC Director General has the authority to release seized property if investigations reveal it’s not connected to criminal activity, as stipulated by the Prohibition and Prevention of Money Laundering Act. 

The case involving the aircraft went through the court system under the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act. This act allows innocent third parties to claim seized property by demonstrating they were not involved in the related offense. 

In this case, the aircraft owners successfully presented their case in court.  An agreement was reached between the owners, the Director of Public 

Prosecutions (DPP), and other parties, resulting in a court order for the aircraft’s release. The DEC, by law, is obligated to comply with court orders. 

The DEC also announced the seizure and forfeiture of over K800 million believed to be proceeds from various criminal activities. These forfeitures were finalized by the courts, and the funds have been deposited into government accounts. 

Mr. Banda urged the public to remain vigilant and informed about such matters. 

He discouraged the spread of misinformation and emphasized that law enforcement agencies and the judiciary should be allowed to handle such cases without hindrance.

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