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Yango Launches Driver Safety and Quality Training Program in Zambia

Ride-hailing service Yango is prioritizing safety and quality in Zambia with the launch of its comprehensive Driver Safety & Quality Training Program. 

This initiative underlines Yango’s commitment to creating a safe and comfortable experience for both passengers and drivers.

The program, which kicked off at the Yango Hub in Lusaka on April 10th, 2024, is the first of many monthly training sessions planned for partner drivers throughout the year. 

Safety is paramount, with the curriculum covering defensive driving techniques, hazard awareness, emergency response procedures, and proper utilization of safety features within the Yango app.

Yango’s focus on safety extends beyond training. The company has also recently implemented a series of enhanced safety features in its app. These measures address growing concerns about driver and rider security and aim to increase transparency for everyone involved. 

For example, the app now displays alert zones on the map, highlighting potentially dangerous areas where drivers should be extra cautious. Drivers in these zones can even cancel rides without penalty. 

Additionally, the route monitoring feature keeps an eye on trips and triggers urgent support team contact for both driver and passenger if there’s a deviation from the requested route.

“At Yango, safety is our top priority,” said Kabanda Chewe, the Country Manager at Yango Zambia. “We are committed to providing all users as well as our partner drivers with a safe and comfortable ride, and this driver safety and quality training program is a significant step forward in achieving that goal.”

The training program goes beyond safety, equipping drivers with the skills they need to deliver exceptional service. Drivers receive instruction on customer service best practices, effective communication strategies, and how to navigate efficiently using Yango’s technology platform. 

Yango views training as an ongoing process, offering regular assessments, feedback mechanisms, and supplementary learning opportunities to help drivers continuously improve.

The Yango Driver Safety & Quality Training Program has been well-received by partner drivers. Reagan Chengamali, a Yango driver, praised the program for not only equipping him with valuable safety skills but also instilling a sense of pride in providing exceptional service. 

He expressed his hope that the program will be extended to more drivers for the benefit of the entire Yango brand. 

Source: Techtrends Zambia

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