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LCC  Urges Removal of Gambling Machines in Shops to Protect Children 

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) is taking a firm stance against the placement of gambling machines, known as “bonanzas,” in shops, particularly in peri-urban areas. The LCC is deeply concerned about the easy access these machines provide to underage children. 

According to LCC Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba, this trend has led to young people gambling regularly, even skipping school to participate. 

Mr. Mwamba emphasized the negative impact on children’s well-being and highlighted the urgent need for both enforcement and education to curb this issue. 

The LCC is urging all shop owners with gambling machines to immediately remove them and relocate them to designated gambling establishments that are inaccessible to children. 

Mr. Mwamba stressed the responsibility of shop owners to uphold the law and protect young people from gambling and other harmful activities. 

The LCC is working closely with relevant authorities to address this issue. Regular inspections will begin in Chipata Compound to ensure compliance with regulations. 

Mr. Mwamba urged all stakeholders to collaborate in safeguarding children’s welfare and promoting a safe environment for all Lusaka residents. 

The LCC remains committed to enforcing law and order and will not tolerate the endangerment of children through easy access to gambling. This crackdown serves as a warning to shop owners and highlights the LCC’s commitment to protecting the well-being of Lusaka’s youth.

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