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Zambia Launches Economic Diplomacy Drive in Guangzhou, China, to Foster Sustainable Development 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has initiated a dynamic Economic Diplomacy program through its Consulate General in Guangzhou, China, to bolster its economic ties and advance its foreign policy objectives.

This initiative, spearheaded by Consul General Dr. Daniel Mvula Shimunza, is poised to significantly contribute to Zambia’s Economic Transformation Agenda under the New Dawn Administration.

The Economic Diplomacy program, unveiled in a statement by Dr. Daniel Mvula Shimunza, focuses on key areas including trade and investment, tourism promotion, consular affairs, and fostering people-to-people exchanges. 

These areas are identified as pivotal in driving Zambia’s economic growth and fostering collaboration with international partners.

Dr. Shimunza’s proactive approach involves engaging with various stakeholders in Guangzhou, including other Consulates and key industry players. 

He has been instrumental in conducting familiarization tours aimed at forging meaningful partnerships and joint ventures that will underpin sustainable development initiatives in Zambia.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr. Shimunza emphasized the importance of leveraging economic diplomacy to unlock opportunities for Zambia and strengthen its position in the global arena. 

He underscored the Consulate General’s commitment to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders in Guangzhou, laying the groundwork for robust economic cooperation and investment.

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