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Gov’t Urges Public to Disregard Falsehoods Surrounding Mopani Copper Mines Deal

The Zambian government has called on citizens to dismiss political rhetoric aimed at undermining its efforts to revitalize Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) through a partnership with International Resources Holding (IRH).

Minister of Mines and Minerals Development, Paul Kabuswe, emphasized that the decision to allocate 51 percent shares to IRH is solely focused on rejuvenating operations at the mine and should not be politicized.

Kabuswe urged the public to ignore individuals spreading false rumors about the deal, emphasizing that their intentions are solely to discredit the government. 

He clarified that despite the partnership, the Zambian government retains ownership stakes in Mopani, debunking claims of a complete sale of the mine.

Addressing concerns about job security, Kabuswe assured that no miner would lose their job due to the government’s continued ownership in Mopani.

The Chililabombwe Member of Parliament reiterated that the deal is beneficial as it ensures the sustainability of jobs at Mopani, urging citizens to celebrate the positive impact on employment.

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