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Zambia Launches National Skills Competition, Sets Sights on Global Stage 

Zambia officially launched its first national World Skills Zambia competition today, kicking off events in Lusaka, Ndola, and Luanshya. The competition underscores the government’s commitment to skills development as a cornerstone of economic growth, social empowerment, and global competitiveness. 

Dr. Briliant Habeenzu, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Technology and Science, officiated at the launch. He emphasized the importance of skills development in a rapidly evolving world where innovation and technology are transforming industries and job markets. 

The World Skills Zambia competition aims to identify and celebrate young talent, fostering a skilled workforce critical for Zambia’s and Africa’s sustainable development. 

Dr. Habeenzu highlighted the New Dawn Government’s dedication to skills development under President Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership.  This commitment is reflected in allocating resources through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for vocational training programs, building a skilled national workforce. The government is also reviewing the TEVET Act to ensure it aligns with emerging industry trends. 

Dr. Habeenzu acknowledged Zambia’s abundant untapped talent and youthful enthusiasm.  The World Skills Zambia competition provides a platform for young Zambians to showcase their vocational and technical education and training (TVET) skills. It fosters partnerships between industry and academia while promoting excellence in a diverse range of skills. 

The Permanent Secretary elaborated on the broader goals of the World Skills competition. It instills confidence in young people, igniting a passion for skills development and excellence through competition.  Furthermore, it fosters global training standards, strengthens industry collaboration, empowers communities, and fuels economic growth. 

Dr. Habeenzu announced Zambia’s successful bid to host the World Skills Africa Competition and Conference in Livingstone from April 7th to 12th, 2025.  He explained that Zambia’s national competitors will also participate in the World Skills International (WSI) competition held in Lyon, France, this September. 

Dr. Habeenzu highlighted Zambia’s impressive track record in skills development. Since joining World Skills International in 2014, Zambia has participated in global events in Brazil (2015), the United Arab Emirates (2017), Japan (2022), and most recently, the 2022 World Skills competition held in Namibia under the auspices of World Skills International Africa Union. Zambian delegates have consistently showcased their talents and won various awards at these prestigious events. 

Dr. Habeenzu urged stakeholders and partners to maintain their commitment to skills development, particularly in preparation for the 2025 World Skills Africa competition. Investing in the youth and building a skilled workforce are crucial for Zambia to seize opportunities in the 21st century. 

The Permanent Secretary expressed his gratitude to partners, volunteers, and stakeholders for their dedication and passion, which inspire the government and the nation. He encouraged continued support for this noble cause. 

Mr. Cleopas Takaiza, Director General of the Technical Education Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA), commended the government’s support in securing the bid to host the World Skills Africa Competition. 

He highlighted the importance of Zambia’s participation in the WSI platform, allowing the country to benchmark its skills development programs against global standards. 

Mr. Takaiza emphasized that the World Skills Zambia competition and participation in international events provide young people with the opportunity to compete, innovate, and showcase their abilities based on globally recognized standards of excellence. 

He stressed the importance of utilizing pedagogical processes that foster a culture of excellence among training providers, ensuring graduates possess the skills and competencies needed to succeed in both local and international markets.

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