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FAZ Holds Seventh Provincial AGM, Kamanga Confirms National Meeting on Track 

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) successfully conducted its seventh provincial Annual General Meeting (AGM) in North Western Province. This gathering adheres to the FAZ constitution’s requirements. 

North Western Province Minister, Robert Lihefu (represented by Provincial Deputy Permanent Secretary, Tradeson Mulofwa), expressed a desire for more sports sponsorship to nurture the region’s abundant football talent.  

He highlighted the recently rehabilitated Independence Stadium and emphasized the importance of utilizing this facility for all levels of football, not just top leagues.  

Minister Lihefu urged the football community to unify for the sport’s development across the country. 

FAZ President, Andrew Kamanga, expressed satisfaction with the decentralization policy, empowering provinces to champion football development initiatives.  

He acknowledged that while the decentralization process is ongoing, provinces like North Western have embraced this approach effectively. 

Mr. Kamanga addressed concerns surrounding the newly rehabilitated Independence Stadium.  

He clarified that the project’s scope of works was consistently communicated to FAZ members and the public.  

He expressed surprise at the controversy that arose after the stadium’s handover for community use at the request of local football clubs. 

Mr. Kamanga emphasized ongoing communication with FAZ members and provincial leadership throughout the project.  

He reiterated that FIFA’s role was to rehabilitate, not construct, a brand-new stadium. 

Mr. Kamanga lamented the spread of misinformation regarding FIFA-funded projects, particularly from within FAZ members with access to information.  

He encouraged members to utilize established communication channels outlined in the FAZ constitution and promote a culture of orderliness within the organization.

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