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Zambia Shifts Focus to Performance-Based Solutions in Fight Against Poverty

The Zambian government is taking a data-driven approach to tackle rising poverty levels.  Facing challenges like drought and climate change, they have committed to implementing interventions based on their effectiveness in reducing poverty.

The Ministry of Community Development and Social Services recently held an annual report and top management meeting in Mazabuka. This gathering focused on reviewing progress made on the Ministry’s workplan for 2023.  

This review included various social protection programs and human development initiatives. The findings from this report will be compiled into a Ministerial Annual Report, presented to both Cabinet and Parliament.

Permanent Secretary Ms. Angela Kawandami emphasized the importance of this report. Increased funding has allowed the Ministry to reach more beneficiaries with social programs.  

However, Ms. Kawandami stressed the need to verify the effectiveness of these programs in 2023 through the report. This data will be crucial for future resource allocation decisions.

The meeting specifically reviewed progress on various programs aimed at poverty reduction and human development. These included the Social Cash Transfer, the Food Security Pack, Supporting Women’s Livelihoods, registration of Non-Governmental Organizations, Child Protection initiatives, and the Cash Plus Initiative.

Ms. Kawandami highlighted the critical role this annual report plays. The data gathered will inform future resource allocation strategies designed to achieve the goals outlined in Zambia’s Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP) and other human development objectives.

The government acknowledges the rise in poverty levels according to the Living Conditions Survey.  Poverty rates have climbed from 54.4% in 2015 to 60% in 2022. 

The Ministry is actively working to address this issue through a multi-pronged approach of social programs, with a focus on measuring their effectiveness to ensure the best possible use of resources in the fight against poverty.

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