LIAC Officially Launched by President Hichilema

President Hakainde Hichilema has officially commissioned the Lusaka International Arbitration Centre (LIAC) at LAZ House in Rhodespark this morning.

The establishment of LIAC, which was first announced during the LAZ Annual Conference in April 2023, marks a crucial step towards enhancing local capacity for resolving commercial disputes promptly and effectively.

President Hichilema expressed his delight that LIAC is now ready to fulfill its mandate of providing a forum for alternative commercial dispute resolution. 

He emphasized the importance of moving away from traditional court processes and highlighted LIAC’s role in offering the entire business community a platform to resolve their differences efficiently.

One of the key directives issued by the President is for the Ministry of Justice to ensure that all Government-Commercial related disputes are resolved at LIAC. This strategic move aims to reduce the significant costs incurred by the government when resolving disputes abroad.

President Hichilema reiterated his administration’s commitment to supporting LIAC and expressed confidence that the institution would attract business both domestically and internationally. 

He called upon friends of Zambia and the global business community to contribute to building LIAC’s capacity, positioning it as the preferred choice for resolving commercial disputes.

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