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National Adjudication for 2024 SADC Media Awards Encourages Excellence and Professionalism 

The National Adjudication for the 2024 SADC Media Awards was officiated at the Government Complex, showcasing a resounding commitment to journalistic excellence. 

Led by Thabo Kawana, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Media, the event underscored the importance of upholding high standards in media adjudication.

With a clear focus on upholding impartiality and professionalism, the adjudication panel convened to meticulously evaluate submissions and recognize outstanding journalistic talent within the country. 

Kawana stressed the importance of approaching this responsibility with diligence and attention to detail, emphasizing the significant impact of their decisions on acknowledging and celebrating exceptional journalism.

During the meeting, there was a notable emphasis on the role of journalists in enhancing the visibility and coverage of SADC projects. Kawana highlighted the crucial function of media in amplifying the impact and relevance of these projects to communities across the region.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of media houses and journalists, Kawana encouraged active participation in the awards, emphasizing the opportunity to inspire a culture of excellence and innovation in media coverage of SADC projects at the local level.

The adjudication process was characterized by a commitment to the values of integrity, fairness, and excellence, reflecting the core principles of the SADC Media Awards. As the nation awaits the outcome of the adjudication, there is anticipation for the recognition of exceptional journalistic contributions that uphold these values.

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