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Zambia and Botswana Solidify Partnership with Signing of Ten MOUs

The Republic of Zambia and the Republic of Botswana have sealed their commitment to collaboration through the signing of ten Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs). 

The culmination of these agreements follows a recent visit to Kasane, emphasizing the strengthening of economic ties between the two nations.

Covering a diverse spectrum of sectors including Science and Technology, Mining, Minerals and Value Chain Development, Agriculture and Livestock, Railway Transport, and the Establishment of the Kazungula Bridge Authority (KBA), among others, these MOUs underscore a strategic alignment of interests.

President Hakainde Hichilema expressed profound gratitude to His Excellency President Masisi of Botswana for his visit, heralding it as a pivotal step towards fostering greater economic cooperation. 

Notably, both leaders acknowledged the transformative potential of the Kazungula Bridge, viewing it as a catalyst for regional integration and economic prosperity.

Reframing the challenge of being landlocked into an opportunity for ‘land-linkage,’ the Kazungula Bridge emerges as a vital artery connecting not only Zambia and Botswana but also facilitating access to major trade corridors within the Southern African Development Community (SADC). 

This development is poised to streamline trade routes, enhance economic growth, generate employment opportunities, and ultimately benefit the citizens of both nations.

Furthermore, Zambia commended Botswana’s exemplary track record in democracy, institutional integrity, and prudent utilization of mineral resources for national development since attaining independence.

President Hichilema expressed Zambia’s eagerness to draw lessons from Botswana’s success story, reflecting a spirit of mutual learning and collaboration.

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