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Sinazongwe Chiefdom Representatives Call for Respect of Government Authority in Coal Mining Operations

In a recent statement issued by Sinazongwe District’s Mweemba Chiefdom Representative, Benny Siamudyansi, coal mining investors in the district have been urged to respect the authority of President Hakainde Hichilema’s representatives.

Siamudyansi emphasized the importance of investors honoring government calls and participating in meetings as a means to foster harmonious relationships with host communities.

This plea was made during a Multi-stakeholder Dialogue organized by the Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) through the Resilient Initiatives for Sustainable Environment (RISE) Project, with support from Bread for the World.

Siamudyansi expressed gratitude to Collum Coal Mine and Zambian Weiye Mine for their participation in the dialogue, underscoring the significance of engaging with all stakeholders for sustainable development.

Donald Sialwele, representing the Sinazongwe Chiefdom, echoed Siamudyansi’s sentiments, highlighting the unresolved issues within the community that necessitate dialogue with investors.

Sialwele commended CEJ for providing a platform for genuine dialogue aimed at safeguarding citizens’ human and environmental rights.

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