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Japan’s Support Accelerates Urban Development in Lusaka and Surrounding Districts

Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, and its surrounding districts are set to undergo a transformative upgrade, propelled by the progress made in developing a Comprehensive Regional Development Masterplan (RDP) by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

With a focus on fostering sustainable urban development, JICA has reported substantial advancements in crafting the RDP for Greater Lusaka City. This masterplan aims to steer the region’s urban growth while encompassing neighboring districts like Chibombo, Chilanga, Chongwe, and Kafue, ensuring holistic development.

The necessity for the RDP stems from the burgeoning population in both Lusaka and its environs, with Chibombo and Chilanga districts experiencing a growth rate of 6.4%, Chongwe at 6.9%, and Kafue at 5.1%, while Lusaka’s population has remained relatively static at 2.0%.

JICA-Zambia Office’s diligent efforts in finalizing the RDP document signify a pivotal step towards overcoming challenges impeding urban progress. Key issues such as housing inadequacy, transportation infrastructure, waste management, industrial development, and water and sanitation will be addressed comprehensively in the masterplan.

As the RDP nears implementation slated for 2025, JICA has urged the Zambian Government to delineate priority areas for consideration, ensuring alignment with local needs and aspirations.

Gary Nkombo, the Local Government Minister, expressed gratitude towards Japan for its steadfast support in advancing sustainable development agendas and enhancing living standards for Lusaka’s residents.

The Zambian Government has expressed satisfaction with the RDP’s progress, eagerly anticipating the commencement of the project. Additionally, the government is actively addressing challenges posed by informal settlements across the country, demonstrating its commitment to holistic urban planning and development.

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