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Lusaka Mayor Commends Japanese NGO’s Grant Contracts to Bolster Aid Projects

Her Worship, the Mayor of Lusaka, Ms. Chilando Chitangala, graced the Japanese NGO’s Grant Contracts Signing ceremony at the Embassy of Japan this morning, joining a host of dignitaries in commemorating 60 years of diplomatic friendship between Zambia and Japan.

The ceremony underscored the enduring partnership between the two nations and highlighted Japan’s continued support for aid and relief projects in Zambia.

During the event, Mayor Chitangala expressed her gratitude to three Japanese associations – Association for Aid and Relief (AAR), Japan Anti Tuberculosis Association (JATA), and ROCINANTES – for their commitment to implementing vital projects in Zambia.

These initiatives aim to address various challenges, including promoting basic education in Meheba Refugee Settlement, enhancing tuberculosis control in Lusaka District, and improving access to medical imaging diagnosis in Chisamba and Chibombo, Central Province.

Ms. Chitangala emphasized the significance of these projects in contributing to the well-being of communities and thanked the Japanese government for its commendable support.

She particularly highlighted Japan’s assistance to the Lusaka City Council, including grants for purchasing equipment to streamline operations at the landfill.

“We appreciate the invaluable assistance from our Japanese partners and their dedication to improving the lives of Zambians through these impactful projects,” remarked Mayor Chitangala.

Furthermore, she expressed optimism about the future, citing plans for the replanning of the City of Lusaka and its integration with other districts in the coming years. This collaborative approach, she believes, will foster sustainable development and enhance the quality of life for residents.

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