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U.S. Government Commits $367 Million to Support Zambia’s HIV Response

The United States government, through the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), has announced a significant new commitment of $367 million (9.2 billion Kwacha) to support Zambia’s national HIV response over the next year.

This commitment comes as part of PEPFAR’s two-year Country Operational Plan (COP), which was developed in April 2023. A midterm review was recently conducted to evaluate the plan’s effectiveness and adjust it based on HIV program results.

This collaborative process involved multiple Zambian government ministries, the Global Fund, UNAIDS, the World Health Organization, Zambian civil society organizations, and other stakeholders. It underscores the collective commitment to transparency and accountability in the fight against HIV, aiming to end it as a public health threat in Zambia by 2030 for all citizens.

As a partner in Zambia’s national HIV response since 2004, the United States works alongside government, local, and international partners to implement community and facility-based programs.

These initiatives focus on expanding access to HIV treatment, prevention, and care, particularly targeting groups that have not yet reached HIV epidemic control. This includes pediatrics, adolescents, young people, and individuals from key populations.

The $367 million in new funding brings the U.S. government’s total commitment to Zambia’s national HIV response to over $6.7 billion (over 167 billion Kwacha) over the past 20 years. This sustained support reflects the dedication of the American people to promoting a strong, healthy, and prosperous Zambia.

Thanks to previous funding efforts, over 1.2 million Zambians currently receive free life-saving HIV treatment. Furthermore, annual HIV-related deaths have been halved, and over 86 percent of HIV-positive Zambians have undetectable virus levels, significantly reducing the risk of further transmission.

The United States reaffirms its commitment to working hand-in-hand with Zambia and its partners to combat HIV, improve access to treatment, and ultimately achieve an AIDS-free generation in Zambia.

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